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“Frequently Asked Questions

Who is distinctivediamonds.com?

Seasoned diamond brokers who buy, sell and trade diamonds and diamond jewelry.We also offer high quality diamonds, engagement rings and diamond jewelry to the general public at wholesale prices.

Why does distinctivediamonds.com exist?

Our brokerage services offer our clients the ability to maximize the value of their jewelry if and when the time comes to sell it. Why sell your diamonds and diamond jewelry for pennies on the dollar. We offer instant cash for items we buy.

How can you offer me a high value for my diamonds and diamond jewelry?

We specialize in the purchase of GIA and AGS certified diamonds and being so highly specialized we are able to maximize the value for your diamonds.We have over 15 years of expertise in the diamond industry and work in diamond markets across the world. We do not operate on a retail level which means we work on a low cost model so we can offer you the maximum value for your diamonds and jewelry.

How quickly can I get cash for my diamonds and diamond jewelry?

We offer immediate cash for your diamonds and diamond jewelry via certified funds. The process is effortless and painless

How can you sell at wholesale prices?

We purchase diamonds and diamond jewelry directly from cutting centers and manufacturers from around the world and offer them directly to customers without the retail mark-up. You’re not paying for typical jewelry store overheads such as expensive rents, employee salaries and commissions, advertising and high insurance premiums just the actual cost!