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Selling With Confidence

As highly reputable Diamond Brokers we specialize in diamonds and operate in diamond markets across the world. With expertise and deep experience in the diamond industry we are able to offer the highest prices for fine diamonds and diamond jewelry. We believe in transparency and integrity when offering advice and purchasing diamonds and diamond jewelry.

We have highlighted important considerations to make if you would like to sell your diamond and diamond jewelry:

The Jewelry Appraisal

Most retailers will sell diamonds or jewelry for a price but appraise it for a higher value which represents a fair replacement value. However some jewelry stores will provide a much higher and unrealistic appraisal value for jewelry which causes nothing more than confusion.

An example of this problem was encountered by us when an engagement ring worth around $4,000 was accompanied with an appraisal for around $8,000. Does this mean the engagement ring was worth $8,000? Of course not – we actually could have provided the same diamond ring for under $4,000.

The practice of unrealistically overvaluing diamonds and jewelry for appraisal purposes makes appraisal values worthless. Appraisals serve a great purpose identifying items but little else when valuations are set unrealistically high. Who wins from this practice? The jewelry stores – who gain from making consumers happy thinking they got great deal on their purchase.

Diamond Certificates

The foremost diamond certification laboratories in the World are the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) and American Gem Society (AGS). We only sell diamonds that are graded by either laboratory; this is because they are highly reputable, rigorous and consistent in the grading of diamonds. Conversely, when buying diamonds we pay the highest values for diamonds that are graded by either laboratory.

There are other diamond certificates on the market however we do not believe they are as accurate as GIA or AGS certified stones.

Diamond Grade Differences

Diamonds are very unique and no two are exactly the same. Diamond grading laboratories use strict guidelines when grading diamonds but even within a diamond grade there can be vast differences. With regards to clarity, the size and location of inclusions in a diamond dictate its value and this is especially so in the re-sale market.

You may have two 1.00ct round diamonds graded G color VS2 Clarity but they may have completely different re-sale values. This is because the size and location of the inclusion in one diamond may be more appealing to a buyer than the other diamond. Naturally the value of a stone is a very subjective matter and as well as clarity there are many characteristics that affect a stones value such as Cut, Color and the presence of fluorescence.

We offer transparent expert advice when valuing diamonds

Price your Diamond or Diamond Jewelry

The easiest way to get an idea of your diamond’s or diamond jewelry’s worth is to do some research. And in today’s internet age you can easily do this with a few clicks on your browser. Websites, including our own, offer you a wealth of information to make transparent decisions. You can find out the information on individual stones and what they are selling for. If you paid more for your diamond than what similar stones online are selling for today then you may have (initially) overpaid for the diamond. Naturally, in many cases, you will not get exactly what you paid for the diamond but having a rough idea of what stones are currently selling for is an example of good research.

Consider Market Conditions

Market conditions dictate re-sale values in the diamond and jewelry industry. When economic conditions are weak and fewer consumers are buying luxury items such as diamonds, prices may fall which can cause uncertainty in markets. During such times re-sale values will be based upon any possible price fluctuations. Rising prices can create active markets such as the market for gold in today’s market.
What other options do I have to sell my diamond?

You do have options available to you when selling your diamond and diamond jewelry other than selling to a diamond broker. You can sell to a pawn shop, a jewelry store or online auction house.

Pawn shops will pay you very little of the real value of a diamond or diamond jewelry. They tend to be unprofessional and unorthodox in their methods. Jewelry stores are plentiful but only a few have the financial ability and know how to offer you the maximum value for your diamonds and diamond jewelry. Most will not purchase the jewelry of their own customers. You could try and sell your diamonds and diamond jewelry on eBay or Craigslist but that you would have to deal with other problems like dealing with people you know absolutely nothing about.